PALACED is an impact venture studio founded and managed by Jihad Esmail, a Palestinian-Muslim student currently based in Chicago.

The inspiration for the name came from a book by Eric Klinenberg, a Professor of Social Science at NYU. The book, Palaces for The People, explored the ways that "social infrastructure" -- spaces like our libraries, coffee shops, parks, etc. -- could help heal the "deep divisions in our society."

The benefits of this infrastructure, however, don't stop at physical space. In our eyes, social enterprises, non-profits, political campaigns, blogs, newsletters and campus organizations share those benefits as well: bringing people together, fostering conversation, and driving change. Our goal is to become source of ideas, information, and community for ambitious, socially-conscious makers and organizers.

As we build our community, our primary project right now is the PALACED Newsletter, a weekly newsletter written by Jihad for makers to explore the big ideas impacting the world today, what that means for you, and how you can contribute.